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Beatrice Foods Co. is the food research, manufacturing and sales subsidiary of Beatrice Companies, Inc., and is the name that consumers worldwide have known in the past for unparalleled quality, convenience, and variety.


Beatrice meets the specific needs of all customers by offering completely individualized service.  Whatever the needs of a retail customer, Beatrice responds quickly through its sales representatives.  Orders are processed on a single delivery, single invoice basis.  This eliminates costly paper work and follow-up inquiries.


Our company business has been a solid forward-looking program, one which puts quality and innovation at the forefront.


Beatrice, which is the Latin name meaning: (she that makes happy, she that blesses); is appropriate for the the way we do business.


Whether our company is producing or distributing food products, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with us here at Beatrice.




Beatrice Premier Foods


Our Premier Foods is a unique business entity specifically created to harness the talents of carefully selected recipes from chefs, and others that have created recipes that have captivated epicurean enthusiasts, but are unable to bring their creations to a national market.  Our current two brands are My Greek Father's Recipes®, and Tarasov Herbal Dressing®.  Our organic foods business is now part of Beatrice Premier Foods, and any product that is 100% organic will carry this designation.




Beatrice Snack Products produces quality snacks under the Beatrice brand.  Our current line consists of Beatrice Gourmet Popped Corn®, with delicious flavours ranging from apple cinnamon corn, chocolate corn, traditional caramel corn, and cheese corn.





Beatrice Food Service manufactures and distributes bulk packaging Beatrice branded food products for bulk sale to restaurants, institutional facilities, and retail outlets.  Food Service ensures that all Beatrice food products are available for bulk sale, and works closely with the various Beatrice food manufacturing units.





Beatrice Nutrition & Health Sciences oversees all of Beatrice Foods quality control, ranging from research of new products, testing of ingredients from vendors, to nutritional standards.


Beatrice Foods Literature


Download our brochure, and see more of what we do, and who we are.


BI42047- The Beatrice Foods Difference

The Beatrice Foods Story (1975)






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