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  Bell Operating Companies- Verizon Communications Inc.
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Bell Operating Companies



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Bell Companies that are part of Verizon Communications:


*Note: Verizon Communications is comprised of two of the original "Baby Bells" that were spun-off from AT&T in 1984; Bell Atlantic and NYNEX.  GTE (General Telephone), a non-Bell Company, merged with Bell Atlantic, creating Verizon, however GTE is not referenced on this page, as it only relates to the Baby Bells.


Bell Atlantic is the original 1984 AT&T divestiture name and logo given as the holding company for the following Bells:


U S WEST logo, 1984-2000



NYNEX is the original 1984 AT&T divestiture name and logo given as the holding company for the following Bells:





Verizon Products & Services:


Small Business

Wireless, TV, Bundles, Internet and Voice


Enterprise & Government

Communications for large enterprise and government



Wireless, TV, Bundles, Internet and Voice



Wireless service



Fiber optic delivered TV or DirectTV (satellite)


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For a genealogy chart of the Bell Atlantic / Diamond State Telephone Company, click HERE.



2009 Verizon Global IP Network Map:


Click on map to view larger image of the Verizon Global IP Network Map.



Here is a photo sent to me by Frank Forrest   of his bucket truck.  Compare the photo below to THIS photo from many decades ago.

1997 Ford Super Duty Bucket Truck with 460cid engine
Click on image above to view full-size

Frank also sent the following snake photos along with this description:

"Here is a set of photos, which were distributed through Verizon this past summer. It shows a pair of copperhead snakes that had made a home in one of our TSI cabinets. One of the snakes had electrocuted himself, and was very dead. The other had to be persuaded to come out of his nesting place. These pictures were taken somewhere in West Virginia."

Click on images above to view full-size

Verizon Van

Photo courtesy of Bill Cook.
Click on image to show full-size view.

"Here is a picture I found of the vans. You can barely see it in this photo,
but on right rear door is the Bell logo, and the Vz logo is on the left." - Bill Cook.


A spoof from a website visitor named Brock:

Looks like a great idea for Verizon's logo!


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