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  Recycle of Old, Vintage & Historic Phones





In the days of the old Bell Telephone monopoly, phones were manufactured using quality materials, and were made to last.  Sadly, nowadays, phones are made in Japan or China, and are of inferior quality, and are not made to last very long.  Sure, these newer phones may have fancy gadgets and gizmos, but they will never stand the test of time to the classics of the past.


We here at The Western Electric Store have dedicated ourselves to become a collecting point for older phones that were manufactured in Canada and The United States of America.  Either Northern Electric, Western Electric, Kellogg, Stromberg, ITT, or Automatic Electric.  Sadly, people throw these away, but now you have a choice!  If you ever come across any of these old phones, let us know and we will recycle them for you to ensure that they are recycled.  Even if you find phones at junk stores, yard sales, estate sales, or garage sales.

To place an order for:

-Buy-Sell-Trade & Recycle Old Phones



(651) 787-DIAL (3425)

Refer to Promo Code: WECO




Address for repair:

The Western Electric Store


1897 RICE ST

SAINT PAUL MN 55113-6803


Want to recycle your old phone equipment:
Do you have phones that say ITT, Western Electric, Stromberg, Automatic Electric, Northern Electric, or says, "BELL SYSTEM PROPERTY, NOT FOR SALE"?  Then contact us and let us know.  These phones should be recycled and not thrown away.  We are a recycling collection point for old phones that were manufactured in Canada and The United States of America!


Send your old phones to:


The Porticus Centre
Attn: The Western Electric Store
1897 Rice St
Saint Paul, MN 55113-6803







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